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AK Custom Boats is a family-owned hunting and fishing outfitter.


We offer the latest and greatest in hunting and fishing equipment innovation.  We specialize specifically in boats, flotation pods, hunt decks and hunting blinds.  No matter what you are looking for in a boat, we are passionately dedicated to building whatever it is you may need.


Authorized Dealers


Excel Boats

Excel boats are well thought out, have exceptional fit & finish, have clean and spacious layouts and overall, are designed for maximum comfort.  In essence, all of their boats strike a natural balance between design, convenience and style.


Backwater is setting a new standard in shallow water motors with the all new SWOMP series.  The SWOMP lineup has been engineered to run faster, shallower, and handle easier than any other motor in their class.  This is achieved through the combination of exclusive features such as their patented bulletproof tubular DOM frame, the revolutionary patented Surface Tracer cavitation plate, the patented Revo-Clean System and many other industry-firsts.  Backwater motors are in a class all their own.


Mud buddy motors were first built for duck hunters but are now used for fishing, backwater exploring, commercial use, mining, government agencies and scientific academia to navigate shallow backwater areas where no outboard motor could go.

Mud Buddy offers over 42 models of motors to include the first belt drives, the first belt drive mini motors, the first super longtail belt drive and the first gear driven cone clutch vertical style outboard, the Sport V, and its horizontal cousin, the Sport H, well known today as the Boss Drive.


Seelite offers custom low amp draw LEDs which is the new alternative to conventional incandescent lighting.  The light quality is cleaner, and the heat energy saved is battery life saved.

They have done quite a bit of R&D with several bowfishing veterans and the light spectrum needed to shoot fish in any water condition.  They have found a new chipset and paired it with a conventional housing to create the new TRUE WARM Nasty Habits edition LED light.  Truly some of the best lights you will find!


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